Salt River TP Tales

I guess I was lucky in getting to see the Rockies play twice this week at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale. I mean, I knew full well this COVID-19 thing was going to get worse; that’s why we got the house all stocked for a good month of social distancing well before the silly TP rush began. Still, I was honestly expecting MLB Spring Training to go on as scheduled and expected a delayed start to the regular season.

I think the Rockies had about 8,500 fans at Sunday’s game and 7,000+ for Tuesday but by the time the skies opened on the desert wednesday, cancelling the White Sox matchup, you could feel the vibe turning. COVID-19 dominated every local and national news cycle, and even the TP shelves in Scottsdale started running bare.


I get it. While the risk to young, healthy baseball players is low, potentially exposing your – let’s be frank – older skewing fanbase isn’t exactly optimal PR. Still, between MLB’s cancelling of spring training and the endless downpours we’ve seen here this week (2+ inches of rain so far), Spring Training 2020 has been a bit of a bummer. Skies are supposed to clear tomorrow so we’ll begin our road trip back to 303 in the morning.

Be good to each other, stay home if you’re not feeling well, and maybe share some of your TP stash with your less-prepared neighbors. With a little luck, we’ll all be at #CoorsField downing a Rockie dog and enjoying the boys of summer in no time. I can’t wait.