#Making Good

Local fire department reached out on Nextdoor about getting some assistance printing some P100 Filter Covers they found on Thingiverse. Seems the filters are in short supply, but they are long-lived as long as they don’t get wet, etc.

So, a group of us #Makers got together and fired up our printers! My start was a bit rocky as the power supply for my 3D printer failed about 90% of the way through the 1st batch. I didn’t feel like messing with repairs at midnight so I waited till morning and re-wired things to use a spare 12V supply I had around. At first, I thought I was back in business but jobs started failing with random temperature overruns on the heated bed. The 200W supply I had just wasn’t enough to keep up with the printer (220W for the bed, 30W for the hotend, plus a few extra for motors & electronics) so, it was game-over until I could get a replacement in.

Amazon to the rescue! 350W supply ordered late afternoon Saturday, arrived at dinner Monday. After dinner, I got things wired up and kicked off a batch of covers. Took the better part of the night to run but when I got up, success! The rest of the team has been steadily cranking out parts too – we’re halfway done, only four days from the start this project. If everything stays on track, we should have all the requested parts delivered to the firemen by the weekend.

I honestly can’t say I love the model. with only 1mm thickness on the front and rear panels, it’s needlessly fragile. The team worked through a couple iterations of modifications to strengthen weak areas but honestly, the whole thing deserves a reengineering for the 2.0 version. We’ll see how they hold up.