CNC Pendant Boards Are In!

Boards for my custom CNC pendant came in from JLCPCB yesterday. I’m frankly blown away. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact I paid $17 and less than a week later, five perfect boards arrived at my doorstep from Shenzhen China.

Last custom board I did was over a decade ago for a model rocket altimeter prototype. Four boards, less than a quarter the size of this one, cost me $240. Solder mask and silkscreen were not even available options.

Historically, I’ve been a stripboard or @adafruit Perma-Proto user for my projects, but now that I’ve gotten comfortable with @kicad_pcb, I see a lot more business with @JLCPCB in my future.

Full build post for my custom Bluetooth CNC pendant coming shortly. Stay tuned!