The Deaf and Dumb Copilot You Always Wanted

Saw this Amazon drives deeper into cars with new Alexa partners, Echo Auto expansion piece on @TechCrunch this morning and literally had to laugh out loud. Echo Auto is without a doubt the worst piece of technology to come out in a decade, at least. And this is coming from Amazon’s #1 Echo fanboy. I’ve got various models of the Echo ecosystem in the family room, kitchen, workshop, bedroom, and even an Amazon-abandoned Echo Tap in my go bag for traveling.

Yeah, yeah, privacy blah, blah, blah, blah. Until you throw away your full-time audio surveilling, positional tracking device that never leaves your side 7×24, you can simply STFU. I have the ability to monitor my Internet traffic in/out of the house with pretty fine detail and Amazon ain’t doing squat with your audio they haven’t already told you.

But, back to the Echo Auto.

My Amazon review pretty well sums it up…

Remember the amazement of your first Echo, when you mumbled “Alexa” from across the room, over blaring music, and like magic she heard you? Yeah, The Echo Auto is NOTHING like that. Echo Auto is riding shotgun with your grandpa who hasn’t changed the batteries in his hearing aid since the Clinton administration. Unless you’re at a stoplight with the AC off and all windows closed, there’s basically zero chance she’ll hear you.

Since it takes a multi-step process to get the Echo Auto up and running every time you drive anyway, I just don’t even bother anymore. In fact, anyone want a barely used Echo Auto? Make me an offer…

sure do hope Amazon’s offering Lamborghini and BMW something better than this dumpster fire.