Just look at that infill! @E3DOnline Hemera pumpin’ out @ColorFabb NGEN at 120 mm/s without breaking a sweat. Positive I could go even faster and the extruder would keep up but this print sadly failed with a Y skip. Too aggressive on acceleration and too weak on Y motor current. Settings tweaked and print re-started. Four hours in and looking just as gorgeous.  Hemera gets 5 #Maker ?????!

Also tried out hair spray on the bed for the first time. Been using a glue stick for ages but cleaning the bed was getting to be a PITA. At first I was skeptical as the hair spray dried to complete invisibility as the bed came up to temp. Bed didn’t feel very ‘tacky’ either. Moment the 1st perimeter went down though, I knew this was a winner. Good adhesion yet the (failed) print popped right off once the bed cooled.  Need to try some smaller prints to see how they do, but so far, I’m impressed.