Nolan Cryenado

So lemme get this straight Nolan…

You happily signed a $260M, 8-year deal last year to play baseball with a bunch of guys in Denver. The season went to shit for a number of reasons. Now it’s 2020 and while we all were hoping for the Monfort wallet to open this winter, it didn’t happen. Now you’re butthurt because you didn’t get traded? Cry me a friggin’ river. You’ve got the same team you were perfectly happy with last February.

Tell ya what… If the @Rockies go under .500 again this year, then we can talk about finding you a competitive home. Until then, shut the fuck up and play baseball.

Oh, you know who else was stuck on a non-competitive team in 2019, has no opt-out clause, and isn’t throwing a temper tantrum to get traded? Yeah, @Chuck_Nazty.

Grow up. Be like Charlie.